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Call telephone crisis support


Walk-In Crisis Service

Anyone is welcome to come in to the office during regular business hours (Mon - Fri. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.) 245 W Race St. Somerset, PA 15501. There you will be able to talk with someone about your immediate need and discuss your options. For many people this may be what you need to alleviate the crisis at the present time. We can also refer you for other on-going services as needed. Some people may also choose to be admitted to the hospital as appropriate.

Mobile Crisis Service

Mobile services are designed to meet the needs of more pressing crisis situations. It is not uncommon for the police and/or ambulance to be involved in these services. Every effort is made to de-escalate the situation by phone prior to this, however sometimes it is necessary to take further steps to assure the safety of those involved. We do our best at understanding the situation as best we can before acting rashly and always attempt to use the least restrictive measures while we deal with the emergency.